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You can read the script for my standard wedding ceremony by clicking below. I use this script as a starting point, and we can edit and revise as needed until we have it exactly the way you want it performed.

Officiant's Standard Ceremony

and listen to an audio sample of E. J. Campfield performing the
opening to his standard wedding ceremony (requires Windows Media Player).

Below are a number of blessings and other "modules" that may appeal to you as well.
They can easily be included in your wedding ceremony. You'll also find some ideas here
for writing your own personalized vows if you choose to do that rather than use the vows
that are part of the standard ceremony.


Handfasting Ceremony

Beach Sand Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Sunrise Beach Ceremony

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

Rose Gift to Mothers

Wine Ceremony

Wine Ceremony w/Parents

Parents' Blessing

"These Hands" Blessing

Beach Wedding Blessing

Apache Wedding Blessing

Cherokee Wedding Blessing

"Love Chapter" Blessing

Some Sample Vows

Vows Including Children

Vows for Mid-Life Couples

Vows for Senior Couples

Favorite Readings


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